Hizzy – Border Country

01 Nov

Cold but sunny – slippery roads and wet under the trees. Sounds about right for October/November but the gixxer was coming out for a spin —

It was one of these days. Couldn’t make up my mind where to go. After messing around I arrived in Carlisle via cheap fuel at Asda and thought I might head for Silloth on the south shore of the Solway and take it from there but a couple of wrong turnings had me heading east over the M6 instead.

No worries – I got a crackin breakfast in the café at Newcastleton then a blast up the Rievers road took me to Hermitage Castle where I got the camera out —

gixxer at Hermitage 002

It was that sort of day – my next photo op was by the spot where one of my heros – Steve Hislop – was killed when he crashed his helicopter up here —

gixxer at Hermitage 008

Low-flying fighter jets were suspected of having some involvement in Hizzy’s death? Well they almost did for me when two of the beggars came down the Loch and virtually blew the roof of the caboose by the St Mary’s Loch tearoom with me in it when they switched on their after-burners for the climb out of the valley!


another stop by Meggat Dam ensured that I wouldn’t get much heat in the tyres —


Yes I had gloves with me but fumble fingers can’t operate my camera which was sitting on a fence post —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 012

So it was up by the Merrick Dam and over the top where I met a group of German girls enjoying their first visit to Scotland by bike —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 026

There was one more photo op. —

gixxer at St Mary's Loch 030

before taking that winding road by the Devil’s Beeftub to Moffat for a coffee in the Rumblin Tum then home —

remembrance 007

Hizzy – Border Country

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