Gatehouse of Fleet

22 Nov

We have wall-to-wall sunshine here in Galloway today —

so it wasn’t hard to get motivated and out on to the hills above Gatehouse of Fleet —

My first two photos were taken on the way into town and this next one was on my way out —

OK – the swan is out of focus but I wanted the bullrushes in the photo.

There isn’t actually much to hold you in Gatehouse. It is one of these towns in a picturesque setting that should be more than it is but it’s fate has been that the ‘Must have a Holiday Home’ brigade have taken over and just like many other Scottish coastal towns it is empty at this time of year. A real shame – it deserves better!

Today I was heading for the hills — and they were lovely! But once I set foot on them I realised they were full of water and came home with one side soaking after sliding down a treacherous grassy bank. I blame the tax-man. I had my mind on his latest demand instead of concentrating on what I was doing! I’m sure he has much bigger fish to fry – bully that he is!

Okay – bout them thar hills —-

and a few heifers for company —

If I could find my Ordnance survey map of the area I would tell you the name of the loch I walked up to for my picnic lunch but it will remain a mystery —

The old wooden jetty has collapsed so I went all artistic —

and was in the same mood on my way home by Laurieston —


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