Suzuki GSX-R Thou

26 Nov

That aircooled GSX-R thou is a big lump of a motor – bet yesterday from Silverstone was the first time one has been carried in the boot of a smartcar but she’s home nae bother and we bolted her in to the frame this morning.

Did I mention the traffic on the M1? Absolutely horrendous Friday afternoon. All it needs is a minor collision and those Traffic Management people in their highly painted 4X4s manage to make a drama out of a chrisis. Clearing the road appears to be the least of their worries.

Just the iron-mongery to fit and she’ll be ready for the crate.

here’s one that was prepared earlier —

the standard fitment is 18 inch rear with a treaded tyre — but if the rules allow a 17ins wheel with a 180mm slick can be shoe-horned in – just!









The crates are due to be collected Tuesday for shipping to South Africa. Looks like Monday might be a busy day.

No time for hill-walking but I can always look at the pictures I took earlier. I found this one hiding amongst bike pics when I down-loaded them to my puter. I took it when I was on the hills behind Gatehouse of Fleet last week —

Yes I know – my filing system is like today’s weather – pants. lol

GSX-R Thou

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