Yamaha XJR1300 – 1999

01 Dec

I took advantage of the dry weather today to give my XJR a blast of WD40 and a rub down. She was looking so good when I finished that I wanted to nip round the Post Office and getsum Road Tax for her – but I didn’t.

I took a few photos instead —

I like the original shocks that were fitted to the 1300 range – the later jazzed up imitation Ohlins aren’t quite so good in my humble opinion —

and the analogue clocks – neat and functional – they never go out of fashion —

double walled header pipes, heavy but durable. A rub with Scotchbrite and WD40 will soon have them shining —

Look at that! Not even a greasy finger mark on the tool kit —

a virgin pillion too – never had a bum on it —

a drop of fuel in here and I’m go-o-n-n-n-eee —-

She’s a beaut!!!

What’s that? You want to see the whole bike?

No probs —


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