Golden Eagle

03 Dec

I spotted one of these guys by the roadside on my way home from Brighouse Bay recently —

Yup – a golden eagle! I’ve heard rumours for some time that there is a pair nesting in Dumfries & Galloway and more across the Solway Firth in the Lake District. I’m as sure as I can be that I saw one on Saturday. He was on the grass verge with his back to the hedge having lunch as I drove past and stared straight at me with his bold eyes. I parked my car in a field gateway round the corner and walked back with my camera but he was too clever for me and flew away as I approached.

This bird was too big to be a buzzard, was very powerful looking in his stance,  beautifully coloured with the sprinkle of gold feathers at it’s neck and when it flew off it had those very broad wings that only the eagle has. I’ve been checking my bird books and looking for info on the internet since then and I don’t think I’m mistaken.

Thanks to National Geographic for the use of their eagle pic. With luck I will have my own next time.

Golden Eagle

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