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Tunisia/Nabeul Market

There was a time when winter arrived here in Scotland I would go off on a long stay somewhere till the weather changed for the better. On this occasion I chose Tunisia.

I caught a local bendi-bus from Hammamet up the coast to the busy market town of Nabeul where all forms of transport come together —

That poor camel will be in trouble if someone drives off in the pickup.

Much safer being hooked up to a door – especially if you are a sad ol’ donkey 😦

The busy horse seemed to be doing the work of a white van in the immediate area around the market —

I like the old plastic chair for the pillion on the bicycle by the tree – good idea 🙂

There was lots of haggling going on —

I was to be jostled by a blanket wearing ‘hoodie’ later in the busy, narrow streets where the butchers had there stalls while his mate un-zipped and ‘dipped’ my trouser pocket for my wallet. Luckily I forgot about protecting my head for a second or two and dropped my hand to my pocket to find there were already five stealthy fingers in there gripping my wallet 😦

Thankfully my attackers legged it empty handed into the crowd at that point.

When I made my way back to my digs I found the Italian Motorcycling Press had a whole bunch of Yamaha off-road bikes on test and were using the posh hotel across the road as their base. Lucky ol’ me managed to blag a ride down the beach on this YZF250 which made me feel a whole lot better about my day 🙂

Next time I go to Nabeul Market I will be wearing a tin suit just like this guy I met playing the accordian on the promenade 😉 🙂

Tunisia/Nabeul Market

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