Midge/Lake Vrynwy/Mid-Wales

22 Dec

Midge – a Border Terrier/Jack Russel cross. I found her at a gamekeeper’s cottage in the middle of a forest near Lake Vrynwy in Mid-Wales —

Midge is one of a litter of five – I got her as a tiny bundle fur at six weeks old. The Border Terrier dad is a ruffty tuffty working dog who lives in an outside kennel and the Jack Russel mum lives indoors and is the family pet. When I went to chose a pup there was quite a mix – rough haired pups – smooth haired pups – some red – some brindled all climbing under and over one another with mum looking on proud as punch.

It’s unusual to see water spilling over the dam as it is really a catchment for the city of Liverpool water supply and the city draws off most of the flow. I have seen it in all seasons and all weathers and this is the main feeder river – again I caught it in flood —

It was difficult to chose but one little beauty had a white tuft under her chin so it had to be her —

Both Midge and Taz live up to their names but there is never any trouble between them. Midge will get too boisterous after a few minutes of playing together. That’s when the claws come out and a swift tap on the nose from Tazza cat is enough to make Midge settle down.

Those plaques on the rock at the end of the dam above my XJR1300 give lots of info regarding Lake Vrynwy —

and down below the dam there are walks and an interesting sculpture park with exibits from artists worldwide —

Lake Vrynwy, a lovely place to spend a day or two with tearooms, gift shops, water sports and bird hides. There is a single track road runs all the way round the loch making it a good walk or cycle at about fourteen miles for the circuit. Well worth a visit if you are in Mid-Wales.


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