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Showtime – Carlisle style —

and the round tower across the way from the rail station is where the Lord Mayor keeps his chain of office —

Yes – I had an away-day to Carlisle. I managed not to buy anything in the sales but there was a Shoie crash helmet for half-price at the motorbike dealer’s and I was tempted. Maybe I will go back tomorrow.

I’ve had loads of off-road bikes and dual-sports bikes but apart from when I was competing in off-road trials many years ago I’ve never had a proper dual-sport helmet.

In that style but blue on white – maybe I should go back to the shop tomorrow – after all I still have my blue Tenere dual-sport bike —

It’s a sign of the times but the Yamaha agent that was – is now offering Ducati – Aprillia and Kawasaki machinery. That’s right – no longer Yamaha. The reason – Yamaha are demanding top-dollar for their bikes and are not offering new models. The worm is turning and european manufacturers are coming to the fore again. I must admit the Ducati range looked good – if expensive and the new models from Kawasaki are trick.

Mmmmm – I did like that crash helmet but I’ve got five gathering dust on top of my wardrobe already. lol

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