Tenere XT660Z Gets Around

24 Jan

My Yamaha XT660Z Tenere —

I’ve ridden this bike all over Europe – but – despite re-packing the seat she still has me standing on the pegs at every opportunity cos she is just so uncomfortable —

The underseat exhausts don’t help – particularly on four hundred mile days. In fact if I was a younger man I would be worried in case the heat from the cans was cooking my gonads and making me sterile —

but seeing as I’m old and grey I suffer the occasional discomfort and enjoy the bike for what it is —

a cheap – frugal – dual purpose bike —

Every time I see or touch her I just want to load her up and head for the early morning ferry —

to wherever —

that takes my fancy —

sunshine or snow –

tarmac —

or trail —

it doesn’t really matter —

cos one of these days I’m gonna scratch that itch again —

XT660Z Tenere

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