30 Jan

Lovely blue skies and sunshine today so I had a peek under the covers to see how the bikes were coming through the winter.

The gixxer was as fresh as the day I put her away and fired up at the first touch of the button. The Tenere was rarin to go as well but needed a wash down. The Wurth stuff I had sprayed her with had left her lookin dull. A quick wash and dry soon had her sorted and unless it snows tomorrow I will probably put tax on her.

The XJR had been doused with the same Wurth product as the Tenere and she got the wash and WD40 treatment too – how about that then —

I drained the carbs on the ’99 XJR before I covered her up so I wouldn’t have a repeat of the former troubles. I will wait till the winter salt clears before taxing her and If all goes to plan she will be on the road by April at the latest – can’t wait 🙂


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