Motorbikes – doncha just luv ’em

02 Mar

Ain’t life wonderful!

Considering that early this morning I was counting the cost of my hobby and thinking that I should give up motorcycling, it’s amazing what swinging a leg over a bike can do for you – or me come to that 🙂

Against all the odds my insurance certificate arrived this morning – a quick phone call got me an Mot slot at our nearest Test Station 22 miles away and the expected ‘Pass’ had me skipping round to the nearby Post office for my Road Tax. Yes I know we take all this for granted in the UK but WordPress goes worldwide and I know from experience that a simple visit to the bank or PO in places like Zambia can take a whole day and if you are really unlucky – most of tomorrow too 😦

So-o — she passed in the time it took me to drink a cuppa and ogle the busty waitress round the local char shop!

Here she is – my Tenere – not the busty waitress – waiting for me complete with my certificate on my return to Paterson’s Bike Shop in Dalbeattie —

Ok – Bike Shop may be a bit of a misnomer – at one time maybe – but now they major in quad bikes for the farmers in the sou-west. Bikes such as mine only show at Mot time.

No worries – tested and within minutes she was taxed – time to take the lo-oong way home.

First stop was by the ruined abbey at Dundrennan —

Then I went off the beaten track to pose by a logpile nearer home —

Ok – you’ve probably seen the logpile already – but – I just remembered I called in at the workshop where Buffalo has been making slow progress on the TZ 350 front —

I did say ‘slow progress’ but at least the front end has picked itself up off the floor where it lay last time I called and is now on the bench looking for something to mate with. ‘Spring’ is just around the corner after all and with the new frame due back from the paintshop any month there’s no point getting excited 🙂

Reminds me of the farnyard cockerel – he had mated with everything in the yard including the cat and the collie dug!

Farmer came across him laying on his back in the middle of the yard one day. Farmer say’s ‘Cockie ol’ fellow – what’s the matter? Why are you laying here on your back in the middle of the yard?’

Cockie says ‘Sh-hhh’ – and pointed at the sky where a vulture swung on the thermals – ‘she’ll be down in a minute!’

What about this – the motor is in – by next week she will be fully built and on the dyno somewhere far-a-way—

just another three or is it four to do before the ICGP race season starts over again —

times like these I’m quietly pleased I’m just another punter – but I got to admit I still drool over the exotica —

Lightweight allow wheels machined from solid.

M-mmm — motorbikes — doncha just luv ’em 🙂

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