Scottish Motorcycle Show Pics

12 Mar

I have a few more photos from the classic bikes at the Scottish Motorcycle Show.

The three cylinder two-strokes from Kawasaki were there in strength —

But this BSA Gold Star scrambler is from an earlier era when British iron from Brum ruled the world —

and sister company Triumph was soon to produce the popular Tiger Cub —

while up in Lancashire Mr Clews started to build his CCM specials  —

and I’m willing to be corrected on this one but she looks to me like a Rickman Mettise from the bros down souf although the tank decal might say sumthin else —

Hard to tell under all that paint and graphics but she could be a Kawasaki Z1 – or a Suzuki GS – you decide 🙂

Ok – the motor is from one of my all-time favourite Velos but I didn’t read the small print on this one either so I have no idea if she is an authentic pre-war bike or just someone’s idea of what they might have looked like —

but she’ll do for me 🙂

Sorry about the picture quality but my other camera that is better for this indoor stuff is still out on-loan 🙂

Impressions of the show:

We can see a better turnout of modern bikes at our dealers anyday – and – in many cases be allowed to ride them. A saving grace on that front was that a rare up-to-the-minute Triumph Explorer was there to be seen and sat on and a keen and knowledgeable man from Triumph was on on hand to talk you through it.

On the clothing front there seemed to be bargains to be had if you didn’t want the latest up-to-datest but there was plenty of Tat. The middle hall had some usefull stalls for the special builders with a mega-offering of cheap tools and maintenance stuff. There was also a usefull auto-jumble outside next to the stuntmen and free-style moto-crossers.

Food and drink was reasonable quality and inexpensive compared with NEC show prices but of course the NEC show isn’t held in a cowpen. Parking was close and ample and there were no hold-ups going to or from the show.

On reflection the whole thing wasn’t too bad particularly if you were using it to meet up with biker mates who you don’t see from one year to the next and for me – the classic bikes on show made the long trip worth while 🙂

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