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Tenere Cush Drive Rubbers

Tenere XT660Z Cush Drive Rubbers.



The XT660 has been out in various forms for many years and Mr Yamaha has been successfully producing big singles since I bought my first XT500 in 1977



So – why have they got sumthin as simple as a cush drive rubber wrong now?



This XT660Z is the sixth of the breed that I’ve had since ’77 and it’s the first to give me trouble of any kind.



I bought this bike new three years ago. My first year with the Tenere was spent mostly in mainland Europe. By the time she had covered 5000 miles she had so much slop in the cush drive that I cut some shims from plastic oil bottles and pushed ’em in alongside the rubbers. This tightened the fit and gave me another five thousand miles.



At 10000 miles I was into my second year with the bike and back in Scotland so I thought I had better report my misgivings about the rubbers to my Yam dealer. A result – he sent me a new set FOC under warranty. I got a further five thousand miles out of them but they are now falling apart.



With the bike well out of warranty I ordered a new set of rubbers a few days ago from Fowlers, the Yam spares supremos down souf. No problem! The guy said we have 124 in stock! There is obviously a demand for them! Mr Yamaha is definitely on a winner here and at £36 plus per set including VAT and postage I can’t see him doing a re-design anytime soon.



So much for heading off round the world on my Tenere. I would need one pannier full of cush drive rubbers to get me round!



I quite believe there’s a little man with a sharp knife sitting under a tree on the RTW route sumwhere carving them out of hardwood blocks just for those XT660Z owners who were rash enough to set off without spares 🙂



It’s times like these when you are heading off to catch the early morning ferry that you shouldn’t have to worry if your cush drive rubbers are going to fall apart before you get back —


cush drive rubbers

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Geneva Motor Show – Dock + Go

The Rinnspeed Back Pack – Dock + Go obviously takes it’s theme from the Space Station —

How about that then – six wheels on my smartcar 🙂

Whatever will they dream up next 🙂

Dock + Go

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