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Gixxer 6 Streetfighter

I’m grounded at the mo’ with this rotten cold – or is it the dreaded manflu?

Nothing else for it but to go through my picture libraries and put up a collage of Gixxer six pics.

Starting down at Hermitage Castle in Steve Hislop country —

this one is further afield in Croatia —

From St Mary’s Loch up past Meggat Dam and over the hill to the next one —

posing at Ballantrae —

a handy little whatsit under her chin —

Back in Istria —

Just up the road at Parton —

and taking a break by Wigtown Harbour —

She’s a wee cracker of a bike – a joy to ride but with two bikes too many sumthin has to go and she’s for sale 🙂

Gixxer Six

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