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Tenere XT660Z Front Tyre and Cush Drive

I fitted a new front Anakee on the Tenere last week. What a difference it made to the handling! I could lean her into the bends at the weekend instead of having to wrench her in using the wide bars. The old tyre was almost worn out anyway and it definitely didn’t match the recently fitted rear performancewise.

I had the rear wheel out intending to renew the cush drive rubbers last week too. The replacements had arrived so I thought I would go for it. But – after inspection tightfisted me decided the old ones would do for a few trips yet so I just trimmed my pucka plastic shims to a better fit and stuck it all back together again. I’ll try for another five thousand miles out of them.

This week’s project is to get the XJR on the road for April. I’m still not hundred per cent happy with the carbs so I have them apart at the mo’ and new parts due tomorrow. Let’s hope the sun hangs around for a few more hours cos I’m doing the work outside 🙂


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