XJR on the Road

01 Apr

!st April today and I had the XJR out there for the first time this year. Frost on the roof deck when I went out to feed the birds early on gave me fair warning as to what to expect weatherwise but I was still caught out by how cold it was when I set off on a gallop to Portpatrick in brilliant sunshine around 11.00hrs.

A shot from an upstairs window shows Black Beauty catching the rays as I get ready for the road —

With the benefit of hindsight I should have worn full winter gear. The sun had gone by the time I reached Newton Stewart 25 miles away and a petrol stop saw me buy a Sunday newspaper to stick inside my leather jacket. It certainly slowed down the onset of hypothermia and made the next thirty miles to Portpatrick a little more comfortable 🙂

I won’t spoil my day by dwelling on the price of fuel. Suffice to say it is plentiful but 5p. per litre cheaper in Newton Stewart than it is in Kirkcudbright 😦

The weather became progressively colder and cloudier as I approached Portpatrick and I wasn’t tempted to reach for my camera when I parked up. Instead I headed for the cosy Harbour Hotel for their Sunday Roast. Chef was obviously on ‘slow’ time but no worries – I just pulled the Mail on Sunday from inside my jaickit and caught up with the news over a coke in the Harbour Bar.

The meal was well worth waiting for – fresh, perfectly cooked veggies – slightly anemic but fully cooked roast potatos and delicious roast beef and gravy. My wallet was £7.99 lighter by the end but I was happy enough 🙂

The friendly landlord stopped for a chat later and it seems that he too rides an XJR1300.

It wasn’t a day for hanging around on the coast and I even ran into a cold smirr of rain around Newton Stewart on my way home – but – as I approached Gatehouse-on-Fleet the sun was out again and the dry stretch of twisties from the A75 down to Kirkcudbright and the eager XJR1300 made sure I ended my ride with a smile 🙂

The XJR ran beautifully after my fettling spell on the carbs last week and she handles better than any of the breed I’ve had before this one. She does pose me a dilema though – I have only room and sufficient income for one bike and no matter how much I cherish my XJR, the Tenere would appear to be the sensible man’s choice as a keeper.

Decisions – decisions 😦 🙂

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