Wes Cooley Special – 34

06 Apr

The early catkins are budding in the hedgerows in D&G —

While down in the workshop new projects are coming to life —

The Wes Cooley Special has grown a new front end since I last saw her. This baby should handle pretty good for what is basically a design from the latter part of the 1970s. She is an interesting project and I know I would love to ride her – in fact I would love to be building my own Wes Cooley Replica GS1000 alongside her 🙂

Pops Yoshimura was the man behind the original Suzuki GS1000 that Wes rode to two wins in the prestigeous Suzuka Eight Hours race in Japan while teamed with Mike Baldwin in 1978 and with Graeme Crosby in 1980. At home in the USA he had some tough competition from Eddie Lawson on the Kawasaki Z1000 and from Freddie Spencer on the big Honda but won the AMA National Superbike Championships in 1979 and 1980.

Wes Cooley Special – 34 — Part Two;

I had a look at the bike today and nuthin much has changed. With the ICGP series starting in a matter of weeks the focus has been on the team TZ350s. They are almost there mechanically but it looks as if the bodywork will arrive from the paintshop at the last minute 🙂

The GS1000S – Wes would love this one – 45mm Showa forks with compression and rebound damping clamped into custom billet yokes with adjustable off-sets. If that isn’t enough I’m sure he would salivate at the thought of those fully adjustable twin-shock Ohlins helping keep the 180 section rear tyre gripping the tarmac.

Perhaps the Chris Mayhew fettled motor in it’s current form may not pump out any more horses than the original Yoshimura tuned lump – but – I think Wes would be happier hanging onto those Fatbars in their custom risers while wrestling her round the bumpy Daytona banking at 150mph plus than he would have been with whatever his GS was wearing in the seventies.

I get excited just by looking at her  🙂

But – first things first! The two XR69s have just arrived back from a tough session of racing in South Africa —

By all accounts there’s one crashed bike and two blown motors in those crates.

Wes Cooley Special – 34

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