08 Apr

My stash from various beaches around the country including the two buoys picked up among the rocks off the Isle of Tiree and smuggled home on the back of the Tenere —

Trouble is – now I’ve got it all home what do I do with it? And to think that I would rant about the same rubbish I would find in my works car after a weekend away with the family – now I know who the kids got it off 🙂

I should be thankfull I didn’t find somewhere to hang that old Tiree lobster pot on the bike as well 🙂

Oh – I almost forgot these.

What I think is a seal’s scull from Mersehead Beach — shells from Kipford Beach —

and a couple of pieces of well-washed wood from Ballantrae —

Maybe I’ll just leave it on the builder’s mortar tray as it is —

If the Tate Gallery sees it in my blog they might put it on display and I could make millions.

I wonder – maybe I should go back for that lobster pot —- 🙂


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