Wet Bank Holiday Monday

09 Apr

Just checked ootside and I can tell it’s raining. Didn’t put the cover on the XJR after my ride yesterday as I thought I would wash her this morning but she looks as if she’s been washed overnight.

OK – no run this morning so a reprise of my ride from yesterday instead. I had messed about hoping the weather would improve but it got dull – and duller. I rode the bike up the tunnel to the street and went to put my gear on. When I emerged ready to go it was raining. No worries – a look round in every direction showed brightest skies by New Galloway. Goodo – a blast along the twistie Queens Drive to Newton Stewart was in order!

But – wait a minute! Didn’t our resident artiste write on here recently that on a dull day the best light was to be found by the water? So – I broke the habit of a lifetime and instead of doing my usual and following the sun I headed for Mersehead RSPB reserve on the Solway coast.

They have a coffee machine and although I seldom walk as far as this photogenic ‘forbidden’ end in biking gear there are usually some interesting photos to be had of birds on the feeders outside the window —

You’ve guessed it! By the time I reached Dalbeattie via the crackin Dundrennan/Auchencairn road it was raining! So I put my tenner worth of fuel – 5p. per litre cheaper than Kirkcudbright in the tank at Dalbeattie filling station and rode home again.

Missing out Mersehead and the Sweetheart Abbey —

and the chance of another magnificent sunset over Sandyhills —

All was not lost because to my surprise – back in Kirkcudbright –  Mulberries was open on a Sunday and I had my latte with the holidaymakers who had got fed up wandering round looking for sumthin to do on a dour Bank Holiday Sunday.

They were probably as puzzled as the rest of us by the new Folly being created near the harbour —

but I have heard a whisper that whatever it is – it will be gone in two years —

Which probably explains why the timber doesn’t appear to have been treated with preservative.

Just had a look outside – it’s still raining but brightening towards the coast – mmm – decisions – decisions 🙂

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