Gone Fishing

10 Apr

After a winter spent doing not a lot I’ve had a busy day – interesting too.

Was heading over to the workshop to check out a couple of Suzuki XR69s.

But I got side-tracked on the way over. The old Iron Age Fort looked particularly eyecatching so I stopped to take a photo —

Then I glanced down at the river below me to see a fly fisherman had just struck into a nice brown trout —

Into the net it goes —

then the pointy pliers to take the hook out —

before he returned the trout to the water – good for him.

I eventually got to the workshop and found another surprise waiting – a GSX-R 750  —

and beyond it this 2009 250 GP bike – both are going down to Jerez for a track day soon.

The first motor to come out of the XR69 needed the rocker cover removed to clear the frame tubes and there she is on the floor —

The second bike is stripped and sitting there ready to slip the motor out in the morning. There’s more room under the top frame tubes on the second bike so it looks as if it come out with the rocker cover in place.

I wonder what the guys who built these earthworks by hand all those years ago did with their days off —

Probably went fishing – maybe I should try it 🙂


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