Spaghetti Junction

11 Apr

Motorbikes! Doncha just luv ’em!

Take this GSX-R 1000 K4 – please do —

A mate accepted it as a non-runner in lieu of an unpaid debt. There was no history and she is as dead as a dodo. The battery was reluctant to take a charge but it may just be possible to save it.  Further investigation led to a bird’s nest of wiring hidden away in the seat unit. Obviously this bike has had an alarm fitted at some point and it was removed by chopping a bunch of wires leaving several bare ones.

Initially there was no feed through the switch to the coils and injectors so no spark or fuel. But – after a bit of head-scratching it looks like we have a solution and it may just be that this beast cracks into life before lunch tomorrow 🙂


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