Up the Creek

13 Apr

I’ve used what passes for Palnackie harbour for photographs on a few occasions with a motorbike centre stage —

The harbour is little more than a muddy creek but it does hold enough water at high tide to bring in a shallow draft vessel like the ones used to service fish farms —

There have been quite a few of these flat bottomed craft in here for modifications in recent years before heading off to fish farms – mainly in clearer water up the west coast of Scotland.

Today is the first time I’ve seen one this size up on the bank  —

Business must be good. I wonder if they’ve found a new seam because there must be a market for specialised craft servicing the Wind Turbine industry – especially here in the shallow waters of the Solway Firth where there are plans to establish many more of the ugly brutes.

Having said that about ‘ugly brutes’ I do like this picture I took of the off-shore Robin Wind Farm as the ghostly silhouettes of the wind turbines appeared through the mist one day last year. Is that what is meant by ‘ethreal’?

Up the Creek

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