Balcary Point Caves

21 Apr

Seabirds are nesting on the cliffs and some black and white ducks or guillemots were at play in the sea below the point. Judging by the quacking I suspect they were ducks —

But these ‘duck’ pictures are horrible so I’ve replaced the second one with flowers. I’m slightly better at flowers –

they let me get right up close —

and I’m on safe ground with seagulls — not sure why I cut that top bird’s body off —

and there were a few of them —

cuddling up and nesting too —

Far-off wind turbines —

and close up bloggers were strutting their stuff —

While keeping a watchfull eye for the high speed rock doves on whirring wings that shoot past his shorn head as they dive at full chat before sweeping into the caves below. Yes I had put my own clippers on ‘short’ setting to tidy up a ‘bad’ haircut I got in Newton Stewart last week – thankfully it will grow back in 🙂

If I can nip along here I might get a better shot at the caves – maybe see how far into the cliff they go —

Well that didn’t help much — and look at that sky. My car is parked over that way —

Time to click a late primrose or two in a sheltered nook down the cliffs —

Before cutting back across the fields with there ewes and lambs —

That’s where the rain caught me —

and when a big drop hit me dead centre it was time to put the camera away and head for the car —

Loved it! Put me in the mood for more 🙂

Balcary Point Caves

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