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End of an Era

Tomorrow marks the end of an era! I’ve ridden the mighty 1300XJR since the year 2000. Scrapped and fought with sports bikes in Wales. Joined group rideouts all over England – seen mates crash – had friends die and I’ve toured as far as Dubrovnik on what is basically a naked street bike.

I’ve had four of the breed altogether and yes it’s a heavy ol’ motha but it’s not the fact that anno domini is catching up with me it’s more to do with fuel consumption. On a good day this four carbed four cylinder bolide will only return about 42mpg. My modern fuel injected bikes will get me where I’m going in roughly the same time if not with the same smile on my face and give around 60mpg or better in the case of the XT660Z Tenere.

Time to go buddy —

End of an Era

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