Tenere is Back in Favour

27 Apr

With the XJR delivered to a ‘Happy’ new owner today The Tenere is now in pole position as the weapon of choice. The XJR has moved to Watford but the new owner has a Scot’s grannie and it showed today 🙂

Lunch of Carlisle Stotties was his ‘push’ but he somehow forgot to pay! I did give him plenty time cos I just HAD to take a photo in the cellar as I headed for the loo —

No worries –  new owner Ratboy texted me a few minutes ago to say he was home and the bike ran beautifully. Just as it should! And also to inform me that he had ‘forgotten’ to pay!

So – o — after a train plus two bus journeys to get home from Carlisle I took the Tenere for a spin this evening  just cos I could now that the big lump of an XJR isn’t in the way. I found an old forestry track just begging to be ridden and there’s no better night than a Friday to do it when all the forestry workers have gone home from their honest toil. The Tenere and I hit a dead end before long but the bit we did ride was fun —

I wasn’t sure how the Tenere would fair after riding the four cylinder XJR but we gelled right away and I’m looking forward to the next few months with the blue bike. She brings a completrely different style of riding into play —

I even found some rocks to pose beside —

and the hills across the Irish Sea are actually the north end of the Isle of Man which will come alive with the sound of racing motorcycles when the TT fortnight kicks off at the end of May —

Not bad considering I had no sleep last night due to this dental work which has gone bad. There aren’t enough pain killers in town to quiten it down but at least I forget about it when I’m out on the bike. I’m beginning to flag now so I’d better not even think about riding through the night 🙂

H-mmm – Carlisle stotties. A Stottie appears to be a big round flat soft textured bun filled with sliced meat and comes with fried onions on the side. It was hard work considering the mess my gum is in but the thought of Ratboy paying ensured I cleared my plate. I daren’t show my face back there again knowing he did that old Watford dodge and legged it 🙂

Tenere on Pole

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