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Caterpillar D10 from Oz

Found a couple of photos from fellow XJR owner Victor hard at work in the north of Western State – Australia when I checked my e-mails this morning.

This one with the dozer made me envious and reminded me of my time in muckshifting. A tough life – especially overseas – but I enjoyed it.

You must be a big lad Victor – you make that D10 look like a Tonka Toy. I reckon you are taking the operator’s tea-time order – milk and three sugars please 🙂


Thanks for the pics Vic.

Caterpillar D10

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Tenere Rides the Galloway Hills

Popped into the Galloway Hills this morning and after seventy miles of mostly single-track I popped back out again in South Ayrshire.

What a lovely ride! There was a bit of art along the way —

Single Track 014


But if that is ‘art’ on the block – so is my Tenere and the scenery beyond the stone wall —


The Shieling 033

I was pleased to see my Black Swan – subject of an earlier winter post – is still in Glenkiln Reservoir and one of the locals told me there are now a pair – great stuff if it is true —

black swan 042

Dunscore church was busy with a Sunday service – here she is from a picture I took a few years back. I was fitter then —

Fort 009

I had to be as I lived in my caravan at a Wildlife Park a few miles down the road —

Barnsoul 2007 001

After Dunscore I rode by the well named Glen Midge and Penybont where I picked up the Scaur Water and followed it many miles to it’s source in the hills.

I pulled off the beaten track at one stage —

Single Track 030

and found this rough bit of water —

Single Track 020

but it wasn’t all rough —

Single Track 024

Then there were many miles of open road —

The Shieling 015

with the odd gate —

Single Track 034

and a solitary deserted cottage —

The Shieling 016

About here I left the tar behind and enjoyed a bit of this for several miles —

Then it was up through the forest and over the watershed taking me down into Ayrshire. A right turn had me in Sanquar after a few miles and then I couldn’t resist the Mennock Pass which carried me over to Wanlockhead – Leadhills and Elvanfoot. I followed the old A74 for several fast miles south then across the M74 and up towards the Devil’s Beeftub before a right had me down into Moffat for a coffee at the Rumblin Tum.

Single Track

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Tenere on Water of Ken

I’ve had my eye on a route into the Galloway Hills that more or less follows the River Dee and it’s tributary the Water of Ken for some time. Until now the route existed on my large scale Ordnance Survey map but – having ignored the weather forecast which today predicted rain and thunderstorms I decided I would take a looksee.

After four weeks of rain the burns (streams) are full —

The Shieling 001

The loch runs north to south. I’m coming from the south and the Water of Ken runs into Loch Kenis somewhere up past New Galloway.

New Galloway – I find it difficult to pass through in the morning without stopping for a coffee —

The Shieling 006


It’s amazing how an injection of caffiene makes the bike go better – thirty miles later I’m roasting in my heavy biking gear by the Water of Ken —

The Shieling 012


It’s a bonnie spot —

The Shieling 007

With a picnic table for the use of —

The Shieling 022

and great views on the way home —


The Shieling 033


The Water of Ken






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