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Tenere plays Grey Mare’s Tails

I went back along part of the Queen’s Way this afternoon – scene of our Sunday ride and soaking in the deluge.

No deluge today – in fact the hillside was much drier than I expected and my long shortcut via the dirt track Raider’s Road wasn’t even slippery. I was looking for the Grey Mare’s Tail my friend Buffalo had found on Sunday when he walked the dogs while on his way to catch up with us all at Newton Stewart.

Now I know why there’s a carpark exit bang on the outside of a fast blind left-hander which would normally take up most of my attention as I blast through. It’s the carpark for the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfalls. Yes it’s plural cos there’s three of ’em.

The first amongst the trees I didn’t think was worthy of a shot so I sweated my way up the hillside in biker gear till I found the second. A little beauty! The dark pool looked more than deep enough to swim in but I’m told there has been at least one death here when a youth dived from a height and possibly struck bottom but I’ve no doubt my daring daughter would have tested the depths had she been with me —

Grey Mares Tail 2 020

I had the crash helmet and leather jacket off but that was as far as I got down to – tempting as it was to think about going for a dip. Back down to the carpark where a knowledgeable visitor told me there was another pool with a waterfall feeding it further up – and – he was able to tell me where I could find the start of the dirt road that would lead to it.

There no point in having a dirt bike and not using it. First stop was by Black Loch for a shot of what I guessed was a Covenanter Memorial – the hills of Dumfries and Galloway are full of them. But there aren’t so many water lillies flowering in the wild and this loch was full of them.

Grey Mares Tail 2 026

Grey Mares Tail 2 031

‘Poignant’ could be the word I’m looking for —

Grey Mares Tail 2 045

Sad —

Grey Mares Tail 2 048

In this beautiful place —

Grey Mares Tail 2 056

With views down to the glen below —

Grey Mares Tail 2 054

With the weather closing in I found another dirt track that went in the general direction of home —

Grey Mares Tail 2 076

More Grey Mare’s Tail’s

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Wes Cooley Special

My photos of the big Susie didn’t do her justice yesterday so I put a few more amps in the battery of my Cannon Powershot and had another go today. I was actually doing a refurbish on a TT winning R6 but my heart was on the other side of the workshop where the Suzuki GSX1000 Wes Cooley Special is coming together.

The Nissin calipers look as if they’ve been used before but they fit well with the Showa 45mm front forks —

Cooley 020

While at the rear a dinky little Brembo looks after things —

Cooley 018

This looks like electronic ignition on the big bore lump in the middle —

Cooley 012

and what about these 35mm Keihlin carbs on their new made for the job alloy inlet stubs —

Cooley 009

What goes in must come out and there is one impressive exhaust system for that job —

Cooley 026

Four into one —

Cooley 036

and the gasses pop out through here —

Cooley 034

Do I spy fully adjustable Ohlins no less —

Cooley 013

110bhp from an old air-cooled motor that was originally designed back in the nineteen seventies to produce about 80 is going to create a bit of heat and this Earles oil cooler should keep things – cool 🙂

Cooley 022

There’s lots of nice touches like this tube insert to add strength to the headstock just as the original Yoshi bike —

Cooley 029

I like the look of this bike and I reckon there’s lot’s more to come 🙂

Wes Cooley Special

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