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Hi From Down Under


Max centre with friend Ross and his brother Don.

My contact with Don came through a common interest in motorcycles and I am writing from the deep south, a country at the exact opposite end of the globe from the UK, but a similar size and a cultural heritage largely evolved from that of the British Isles – New Zealand, or as it is called in the Maori language, Aotearoa. Thank you Don for the opportunity.

I also contribute to a blogsite which I share with my friends, recording the good times we have and the motorcycle rides we enjoy in New Zealand. Please feel free to follow us there as well. Don is a prodigious blogger, posting almost every day whereas I will contribute from time to time and I hope you enjoy the input. I will try to follow a similar pattern to Don’s communications, with snippets about my life and interests, and a picture of the part of the world I live in and love. Like Scotland, the land of my ancestors, New Zealand is a beautiful, mountainous and mysterious place, on the Ring of Fire, and Middle Earth, and I would love to share it with you.

So watch this space.

Kia Ora


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