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Yamaha XJR1300 2013-v-new-T-Max

Yamaha have announced their XJR1300 for 2013.


But where’s the excitement?

It doesn’t look much different to this ’99 model I sold to my friend Ratboy a few months ago —

XJR 1 010

Fuel injection instead of carbs – single sider exhaust – adjustable shocks – more black paint and that’s about it.

I admit I do like that retro style and wouldn’t say ‘no’ to another one if they were still selling at around six grand new 🙂

But I’ve already had this fella —

bikeshed 011

another like this —


plus this one —

bikeshed 053

and a 400cc version of this —


So maybe I should go for something different – like this instead —


The latest Yamaha T-Max scooter. She costs more than the XJR but it couldn’t be a mistake to buy one – not when she is one of the biggest sellers in Europe – could it?

Yamaha XJR1300 for 2013 v the new T-Max

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