Gixxer Glam

08 Jan

Winter Gixxer 002The wraps came off my gixxer today – but not for long. A quick once-over and she went back under the covers again for another month at least.

I found this PTFE based protective spray in Halfords during the Christmas break and have been waiting for a dry day to uncover my bike and givit a blast – just from the spray can unfortunately.

It will be a few weeks yet before she is on the road but we’ve had early mild weather for the past two years so I best be prepared to catch the chance of dry roads when they come.

A hospital visit put paid to my plans to run her last autumn which means it is over a year since she was on the road as the Tenere tends to take precedence. Perhaps this year will be different.

I fitted new handlebars to the Gixxer a few months back and I am hoping they will improve the riding position but it’s hard to tell without a long day in the saddle. I will give her every opportunity to impress because I like her light weight and eager performance from what is a genuine 600 sports bike motor and chassis.

OK – I’ve had her double-wrapped for freshness under two bike covers long enough —

Gixxer Wrapped 002

Let’s get ’em off and see how she is faring back there during what has been a very damp twelve months of being idle —

Winter Gixxer 008

M-mmm — not bad from this angle. There’s a bit of moisture here and there that a quick wipe with an old T shirt will fix —

Winter Gixxer 004

Then spray some of that Muck-off about her – let her sit for a bit then wipe off the excess —

Winter Gixxer 010

Hey! I almost forgot – there’s a barely used 190 section rear tyre in there this year courtesy of my Yorkshire mate Jaffa Cake —

Winter Gixxer 014

Something else to look forward to trying out. Childish I know but that’s how it is with ‘boys and their toys’ – we do like to play —

Winter Gixxer 012

She’s lookin good 🙂

Must remember to take it easy for the first few miles because the overspray from that Muck-off left the damp paving around the bike slippery as ice and no doubt some of it will transfer to the tyres where it will possibly have the same effect. The blurb on the can reckons all the bike will need after a ride is a quick wash to retain her shine. Magic!

I’ve also decided to splash out on a new battery for her as the old one was getting rather tired and needed to be regularly refreshed. With less than ten thousand miles on the clock in ten years including long spells off the road it’s not really the way to treat a battery. So ebay here I come.

Wraps off the Gixxer

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