Laurieston Forest

15 Jan

So I knew I was in Laurieston Forest when I saw the sign by the roadside but the rest will remain nameless because I’ve lost my Ordnance Survey map for that bit of Scotland.

No worries – I parked up here —

Sun and swans 090

and wandered off up this snow covered track through the forest —

Sun and swans 041

I reckoned I was heading in the general direction of north so that must be the Merrick or some of it’s cohorts covered with snow in the distance —

Sun and swans 076

But I wasn’t going anywhere near them this afternoon – instead I settled for a view over this wee loch —

Sun and swans 078

and found a spot for my lunch. It’s a case of ‘any tree stump will do’ and I was spoiled for choice.

Will it be this one —

Sun and swans 064

Nah! Too cold and dark – how about here —

Sun and swans 060

I’m not too sure of that stump tho’ – she looks as if she’s on the run —

Sun and swans 054

With an all-round view I wasn’t too bothered. This was west-ish —

Sun and swans 022

and round a bit more —

Sun and swans 084

With lunch over – this could be the way home —

Sun and swans 088

I was ambushed by some hungry sheep on the way. I think they are a mixture of rare breeds.

Sun and swans 100

Possibly from the islands of Shetland and Soay —

Sun and swans 098

plus some from south of the border —

Sun and swans 108

But they were friendly enough and didn’t exactly look famished. Just as well because I seldom leave a crumb in my piece box 🙂

Laurieston Forest

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