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The Nailheads

There’s a new show in town! The Nailheads!

I’ve just been for my daily walkabout – just something I do to keep the joints working. I’ve to go for keyhole surgery on my right knee soon but I am hoping to have my bum fixed first. It never rains but it pours!

No worries – The Nailheads are in the studio just round the corner from me so I don’t have far to walk.

There’s Lead singer – Joshua  —

The Nailheads 035

On Backing Vocals – Gasper —

The Nailheads 013

with his twin brother – Growler —

The Nailheads 032

and little Eddie —

The Nailheads 024

while Brucie is on the harmonica —

The Nailheads 030

and Jasper plays the tambourine —

The Nailheads 026

Now that’s something you don’t see every day. There’s obviously a fertile imagination at work here. I asked a couple of old guys – former Woodentops – who were hanging around outside the studio what they thought of the new boys in town —

The Nailheads 018

They were speechless —

The Nailheads 019

But I think their expressions say it all 🙂

The Nailheads

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Eyemouth Breakers

In a previous thread I mentioned my penchant for long stay cheapie breaks in Tunisia to get away from the winter frosts. Cyprus and Jamaica were another two destinations that I used.

But this time I stayed in Scotland – I should have been well warned when on my way to Eyemouth on the east coast I stopped by this clifftop memorial to the drowned fishermen in a former maritime disaster. It shows the families waiting on the shore and wading into the pounding surf in some cases to pull bodies and exhausted men from the sea after their boats had capsized —

Beate pics 556

I was on my way to Eyemouth where a friend had offered me the use of his holiday cottage for the winter at a reasonable rate. Facing the beach right behind the breakwater – it all sounded idyllic – till the waves started coming over the houses —

Breakers 008

But it wasn’t always blowing a hoolie! No – sometimes it snowed!

Beate pics4 022

at least the horses up on Lumsdaine Farm had their coats on.

Lumsdaine farm (32)

while silly old me gave his hat and gloves to this snowman!

Beate visit 3 024

But it didn’t blow and snow all the time. I had some lovely coastal walks between Berwick and St Abbs Head.

Both with —–

Lumsdaine Farm (10)

and without the snowshoes —

and – how could I forget my away-day to the Holy Isle down the Northumbrian coast.

It’s a truly magical place that gave me one of my favourite photos —

reduced 023

Watch the birdie —

Beate pics4 030

and close your mouth in case it’s a swallow  🙂

Breakers 010

Eyemouth Breakers

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