The Nailheads

23 Jan

There’s a new show in town! The Nailheads!

I’ve just been for my daily walkabout – just something I do to keep the joints working. I’ve to go for keyhole surgery on my right knee soon but I am hoping to have my bum fixed first. It never rains but it pours!

No worries – The Nailheads are in the studio just round the corner from me so I don’t have far to walk.

There’s Lead singer – Joshua  —

The Nailheads 035

On Backing Vocals – Gasper —

The Nailheads 013

with his twin brother – Growler —

The Nailheads 032

and little Eddie —

The Nailheads 024

while Brucie is on the harmonica —

The Nailheads 030

and Jasper plays the tambourine —

The Nailheads 026

Now that’s something you don’t see every day. There’s obviously a fertile imagination at work here. I asked a couple of old guys – former Woodentops – who were hanging around outside the studio what they thought of the new boys in town —

The Nailheads 018

They were speechless —

The Nailheads 019

But I think their expressions say it all 🙂

The Nailheads

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