Model ‘A’ Ford at Portpatrick

28 Jan

Model ‘T’ Ford springs to mind but it could well be an ‘A’. The following photos are refugees from my recent mishap with my Posts —

Mull of Galloway by Four 037

This guy should know what she is – because he is the happy owner —

Mull of Galloway by Four 017

I bumped into him at Portpatrick – I was on a bike ride and he had just finished lunch at one of the harbourside hotels before heading up to Cairnryan with his co-driver for their ferry home to Belfast. Turns out he had been on a mud-plugging weekend in the Lake District for classic cars and they don’t come much more working classic than this fella with it’s two spare wheels carrying mud tyres —

Mull of Galloway by Four 029

The headlights are impressive but I notice the co-pilot doesn’t merit a clean windscreen on his side —

Mull of Galloway by Four 027

I’m sure this is a 2.3 litre side valve motor and judging by the way the team took off on the next leg of their journey it doesn’t lack in power. With loads of torque the three speed gearbox had enough ratios for most occasions —

Mull of Galloway by Four 033

and a useful horn to help clear the way —

Mull of Galloway by Four 028

The running boards give her that period look although the crash helmet is mine. I think a flat cap would be more in keeping with this beastie —

Mull of Galloway by Four 030

and if nipples are your thing this old motor will have you pumping that old grease gun a’plenty —

Mull of Galloway by Four 015

Have a safe trip back to Belfast my friend. I look forward to meeting you on the road again sometime —

Mull of Galloway by Four 034

I’m so pleased to have found these photos of the old Ford again.

OK a Quick Edit – Nuff fretting in case it’s not a Model A. I did a quick check with my friends at Wilkipedia and I’m pretty sure now that it is —


I reckon this is the one that Al Capone or Buggsy Malone would have used when they went over to ‘blow away’ the competition at the local speakeasy back in Chicago. Only one windscreen wiper on that one as well 🙂

Model ‘A’ Ford at Portpatrick

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