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Tenere XT660Z does MoT

My Tenere trumped the MoT dept. today. Considering I’ve hardly seen her since our tour of a ‘hissin wet’ Outer Hebrides last Aug/Sept she did well and the only fault reported by the eagle-eyed inspector was a couple of spokes in the front wheel needing tightening slightly.

Tenere Trumps 015

She is looking pretty fresh considering she is now into her fifth year and has been all round Europe and over to Tiree – Barra – Lewis and Harris in that time —

Tenere Trumps 012

When my bikes are laid up I persuade myself that I could sell of at least one of them – but – which one —

Hame's Best 005

All it takes is a short ride on either of them and all thoughts of selling go oot the windae ūüôā



Tenere Trumps Mot


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Kawasaki ER6/Versys 650 Racer

Back in the¬†early nineties I turned a road going¬†Yamaha TDM 850 into a useful Battle of the Twins racer —

Four Seasons 005 (2)

Now almost twenty years later and mainly thanks to a certain Ryan Farquhar something similar is happening with the tame-looking Kawasaki ER6/Versys 650 twin.

Here she is in standard trim —


I happened to take a turn round by the race shop when I was¬†over that way today gathering seashells (don’t ask¬†) and there was one of those Kawasaki 650’s being prepared for a twins race at Cadwell this coming weekend —

Kawasaki Race Bike 009

She is sporting an after-market shock and a smart Arrow GP style exhaust¬†and I suspect there will more trick bits to these upside-downies than a couple of Maxton stickers —

Kawasaki Race Bike 007

Very tidy —

Kawasaki Race Bike 011

and with Joey sitting there in the background keeping an eye on things what can possibly go wrong —

Kawasaki Race Bike 005

I hope to take my Tenere over that way towards the end of the week and if I time it right I could get a pic of the Versys with her bodywork fitted before she goes in the truck. Very tidy!

A quick edit and we have the¬†ER6 Supertwin¬†resplendent in her new bodywork after her¬†racing debut at Cadwell Park —

Tenere Trumps 001

She is looking good and slimmer than a slim thing —

Tenere Trumps 005

c’est magnifique —

Tenere Trumps 003

Kawasaki ER6/Versys 650

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Hydro Power

We may have had two inches of rain yesterday but our local Hydro Power Station seems to have missed out.

The Tongueland Dam was about twenty four feet below it’s usual mark when I passed by there today—

Hydro Power 020

I guess someone left the plug out —

Hydro Power 019

Yup – the sluice gates are wide open at the far end of the dam wall —

Hydro Power 016

Not sure what the header tank does but I don’t see any leaks —

Hydro Power 026

But there’s obviously something up when they’ve brought this big crane in —

Hydro Power 030

That shot takes me back to the days when I would work day and night on process and heavy construction plant repair and maintenance. Initially I would hire cranes¬†from Hewden and suchlike before I splashed out and bought my own. I had three of the beggars over the piece. Those were the days when men were men and sheep ran scared ūüôā

Hydro Power

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Bluebells and Wild Garlic

I cut over to Lanark on my way home from¬†Glasgow Royal¬†on Saturday to catch one of the main Scottish bike shows. Weather was pants and the show wasn’t my cup of tea but I did manage to pick up a couple of bargains on the Beauwulf stand. Yes – more bits for the Gixxer to be fitted when the weather improved.

With a load of new cuts and stitches in my tail I haven’t been with it¬†over the past couple of wet days but things were better today and I was able to make the best of the late¬†morning sunshine and fitted my new can and the mesh guard for¬†the precious radiator.

Here she is all done and dusted ready for the road test —

canned 002 - Copy

But¬†the roadtest¬†wasn’t to be as the weather turned nasty and no amount of praying at the church next door made any difference —

canned 006

It was¬†early evening¬†when the clouds rolled¬†away and the gixxer and I went out for a spin in brilliant sunshine —

canned 009

She was in good form and I just wish I could say the same for myself but things are slowly improving in the nether regions. So Рafter trying her out we took a tootle down the bumpy lane to Port Mary and posed for the camera beside the gorse bushes.

canned 017

The smell from the wild garlic and sight of the bluebells on the roadside was quite something and I can only hope for a few more sunny days so I can get down that way again with my camera.

Bluebells and Wild Garlic

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Go East Young Man

Go east young man – well that’s what the weather forecaster said but I always have great difficulty in persuading my bike to head in that direction.

So – instead of reaching Kielder today as planned, I had a late start and arrived in sunny Portpatrick on the west coast facing Ireland around five o’clock —

Bank Holiday Monday 005

There was a chilling breeze off the sea so I didn’t hang about long.

A quick pose for the camera and that was it —

Bank Holiday Monday 027

The gixxer showing the benefit of my few hours spent fettling suspension and suchlike was spinning along nicely and with a following breeze the run back home was done in jig time even if¬†I did take a detour into the forestry —

Bank Holiday Monday 032

and down the Dee estuary for more pics —

Bank Holiday Monday 036

It hasn’t been the best of weekends weatherwise or¬†for that matter¬†healthwise but I’m pleased to say I got myself together in time to catch the late Bank Holiday sunshine —

Bank Holiday Monday 042

Go East Young Man

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It’s nice having a bike out in the yard to tinker with. At the moment I have the gixxer out there and considering she hasn’t changed much since I rode her down in Croatia five years ago it’s amazing how I can still find things to twiddle with.

Here we are on a dirt road somewhere in Istria —

gixer Istria 013

Susie and I spent the summer there and boy did we enjoy the sunshine and evening sunsets over the Adriatic —

Beate pics 2 255

and my ol friend Jake the Peg —

Jake the Peg 1


That was the day he arrived and made a one-legged landing on the electrical¬†hook-up box beside my caravan. I hope he is still hanging in there ūüôā


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What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes. I may have sounded as if I enjoyed my first ride of the season yesterday¬†but in actual fact there were bits of it that weren’t much fun. It must be coming on for a year since I rode the Gixxer and I was expecting¬†too much to think I could just take up where I left off last summer.

Day 2 010

If truth be told I hadn’t gelled with the bike the way I expected to and didn’t think I would want to ride her again today. But – after an hour or two spent fettling the old girl I couldn’t wait to try again —

Day 2 008

so¬†it was off to the hills for another go —

Day 2 006

The earky bonding sesh with the spanners had obviously worked for I was enjoying my ‘easy rider’ mode¬†—

Day 2 018

and even found time to¬†watch an aerial display by a pair of red kites –¬†(there’s one taking a rest in the field bottom left)¬†¬†—

Day 2 027

and pose by some roadside daffodils —

Day 2 032

But it wasn’t all¬†about flower arranging¬†and she did manage to loft the front wheel a time or two on the run home.

Day 2 024

It’s a poor workman who blames his tools¬†so¬†I might not stick¬†my poor old gixxer on ebay anytime soon¬†after all ūüôā

Day 2 004

What a difference a day makes.

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