Bluebells and Wild Garlic

14 May

I cut over to Lanark on my way home from Glasgow Royal on Saturday to catch one of the main Scottish bike shows. Weather was pants and the show wasn’t my cup of tea but I did manage to pick up a couple of bargains on the Beauwulf stand. Yes – more bits for the Gixxer to be fitted when the weather improved.

With a load of new cuts and stitches in my tail I haven’t been with it over the past couple of wet days but things were better today and I was able to make the best of the late morning sunshine and fitted my new can and the mesh guard for the precious radiator.

Here she is all done and dusted ready for the road test —

canned 002 - Copy

But the roadtest wasn’t to be as the weather turned nasty and no amount of praying at the church next door made any difference —

canned 006

It was early evening when the clouds rolled away and the gixxer and I went out for a spin in brilliant sunshine —

canned 009

She was in good form and I just wish I could say the same for myself but things are slowly improving in the nether regions. So – after trying her out we took a tootle down the bumpy lane to Port Mary and posed for the camera beside the gorse bushes.

canned 017

The smell from the wild garlic and sight of the bluebells on the roadside was quite something and I can only hope for a few more sunny days so I can get down that way again with my camera.

Bluebells and Wild Garlic

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