Hosta Heaven

27 May

For someone who was never impressed with hostas this seems like a major turn-around. Admittedly the hostas I had in pots in my previous roof garden were mature and aggressive compared with the ones I saw the Hosta Lady of New Galloway with yesterday but I didn’t expect to be smitten when I went back up there in the rain today.

Then – I spent twenty quid on this little lot —

Hosta Heaven 004

They don’t look like much but I was well pleased with them after I went out at the tailend of a damp afternoon to plant them.

The hostas are all different —

Hosta Heaven 2 004

and the shells —

Hosta Heaven 2 008

might —

Hosta Heaven 2 010

help —

Hosta Heaven 2 012

deter —

Hosta Heaven 2 014

the slugs from feasting on them till I get something else in place.—

Hosta Heaven 2 016

Last but not least the fairest and rarest of them all – the hard to find White Feather Hosta —

Hosta Heaven 2 022

Thanks Buttons for the tip – I never imagined hostas so fine! She’s a little beauty!

Hosta Heaven

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