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Tenere on the Palnure Burn

I was out for a spin on my Yamaha Tenere XT660Z on a road to nowhere today when I spotted the white water sparkling through the¬†branches —

Tenere Falls 009

and stopped for a look as you do —

Tenere Falls 006

at least as I do ūüôā

Tenere Falls 004

Beautiful! But it wasn’t sunshine and roses all the way. The bike feels good on a short ride – everything falls to hand and works as it should. But¬†– and it’s¬†my big ‘Butt!’ No matter how I sit on the bike¬†my weight is¬†right on the scars from my multiple operations and after half-an-hour it’s no fun!

So – my Tenere XT660Z has drawn the short straw and after months of dithering as to which of my two bikes I should sell –¬†against all odds it’s to be the Tenere.

I will hate to see her go¬†– but go she must and I will stick her¬†on ebay in the next few days —


Yamaha XT660Z For Sale

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