Gixxer and the New Galloway TT

16 Jun

The New Galloway TT – not quite but a pretty good day all the same. A late start saw me dragged into the church next door – I’ve never seen it so busy. Turned out to be the special Jazz Festival Service – even the minister got in on the act and was jiving in the aisle to the band. Great Stuff!

A spire too 035

Church service over it was past noon and I still hadn’t had breakfast so I spent the next hour in the sun on the pavement in front of Mulberries Café with my Sunday paper – coffee and a bacon buttie. What a great start to the day!

A spire too 001

I’ve been on a guilt trip over my Gixxer for a few days now. She has been hidden away under a cover by the dustbins while I got the Tenere back on the road and galloped – so out she came blinking into the sunlight for a wash. Couldn’t stop there now could I? Yup on a black leather jacket and jeans day there was nothing else for it but to go for a spin.

A spire too 007

My New Galloway TT route is a smidgeon over fifty miles per lap and one lap is enough for a rider with a suspect butt. So – it was over by Gatehouse of Fleet and on down the A75 to the Minigaff turning and a lovely blast back along the Queen’s Road for a pot of tea and a scone outside the Smiddy Café in New Galloway. Yup – even TT riders have tea and scones and the view up the burn from the bridge is a beaut.

A spire too 009

And that’s when I spotted my next piece of ‘must have’ ordnance!

A spire too 011

I hadn’t been too impressed with the cane and string support structure I made up for my peonie rose t’other day and I have found a posh option made by a basket weaver. Yes I came home with his number and I believe he even does training courses – magic!

A spire too 005

Then it was a case of sharing the craic with a bunch of visiting Irish riders on a £25 Away Day courtesy of Stenna Line Ferries. It works both ways and is a cheap crossing providing you do it all within 24hrs.

A spire too 014

Craic over it was time to head on home down the west side of Loch Ken —

A spire too 020

with the occasional photo op down the twisties —

A spire too 021

This picturesque cottage that I caught in the corner of my eye was another ‘must’ even if I did have to turn back from further down the road to get it 🙂

A spire too 027

Nice one —

A spire too 032

And the weather vane?

A spire too 041

It’s a shot through the treetops of the church spire weathervane taken from my front garden when I got home. I reckon my New Galloway TT course took me 50 odd miles N/NW – not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday 🙂

A spire too 025

The New Galloway TT

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