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Tenere Goes Clickety Click

It was one of those nights when the loudest sound to be heard was the click of the bowls at the club across the road – I swear I could almost hear my sunflowers growing —

Bowls 027

Serious stuff as they play for places at the National Finals in Ayr later this summer.

The Tenere was sitting looking forlorn under it’s cover so I thought ‘why not?’ Next minute the blindfold was off and we were trundling round the local farm lanes mostly in second and third gear stuff stood up on the pegs so there shouldn’t be any ill-effects to my butt tomorrow —

Bowls 018

I must admit up on the tall Tenere is great way to see over hedges and fences —

Bowls 008

I find myself looking at what other people are growing in their gardens —

Bowls 021

and feeling quietly pleased that I don’t have all that grass to cut —

Bowls 013

The Tenere is looking good for a bike that spent the first three years of it’s life being thrashed round Europe without missing a beat and has seldom seen the inside of a garage —

Bowls 010

It’s happened to me before – I’ve fallen in love with inanimate objects and after four/five years of riding and fettling the big girl I can’t bring myself to sell so I’ve decided just to enjoy her for some time yet 🙂

Bowls 002

Especially with places like this just five minutes from my door 🙂

Tiptoe with the Tenere

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