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A Tenere Too Far

A Tenere too far?  Or not far enough in my opinion. With good weather forecast for the weekend and a call from my biker mates to join them on their trip over to Kelso for the BMF Show I have been trying to put a few miles under my tyres in the hope that I would be bike fit for the job.

Maybe Yes 024

Even without the added incentive of joining my friends at the weekend how could I not enjoy being out here in the Galloway Hills on an evening like this —

Maybe Yes 017

Well I’ve got to admit I was glad of the excuse to stop —

Maybe Yes 029

even if I missed that shot on the ‘auto’ setting as I wasn’t having one of my best days.

Maybe Yes 039

The going was easy —

Maybe Yes 020

but I should have stayed home and looked after my roses —

Maybe Yes 011

It pains me to admit it but I reckon the two hundred mile plus round trip to Kelso and back that I would have done before breakfast last year is out of my comfort zone at the mo’ – just a tad too far 🙂

Maybe Yes 016

A Tenere Too Far

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