Tropical Garden

08 Jul

Tropical Garden – that’s what you get when you leave it to it’s own devices for a couple of days.

I have harvested so many heads from the peony rose yet she continues to pump em out. She has the makings of a legend and at over twenty years old probably is already except that until this year she has been hiding in a thicket of weeds —

tropical 006

I think the peony will be past her best by next week but no worries – cos the sunflowers are taking off and will no doubt be in bloom soon —

tropical 010

As will the butterfly friendly buddlia – bottom of previous pic and hopefully in this next one —

tropical 008

At one end of the garden the thistle is rampant —

tropical 028

and the marigold blooms are going berserk —

tropical 030

While at the other end the coton-easter is showing one tiny white flower towards bottom – centre but I’m sure there’s more to come as she looks so fit —

tropical 018

and the cool grey lips on the streetside slope have grown and are holding their own —

tropical 016

which is quite an undertaking sited where it is – as a contrast between two gorgeous fuschia shrubs —

tropical 036

Even the simple heathers and small alpines growing around the now laid-back ‘Screaming Tree’ don’t look out of place at all – especially up that end sandwiched between a couple of clumps of butterfly friendly greenery which would probably look more at home beneath a hedge somewhere —

tropical 032

There are a few dahlias in the mix which are beginning to show —

tropical 040

Just one more time for the peony – she has such a short season but is so beautiful with it —

tropical 034

Tropical Garden

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