Sunflower Stakes

23 Jul

Sunflower Stakes – I borrowed them from a friendly market gardener along with his 7lbs hammer and banged them in to support the plants just in time for there was a sudden change in the weather today. Yup – our three week long spell of glorious sunshine came to an abrupt end this morning and instead we had a violent storm with heavy rain – thunder and lightning.

With the tallest of the sunflowers now hitting the two metre mark and gaining more every day the long stakes did the job just fine and the plants were there in all there glory tonight —

Garden Glory 006

They look good from any angle —

Garden Glory 009

including this long shot —

Garden Glory 001

while the rest of the plants —

Garden Glory 004

are trying their hardest —

Garden Glory 022

to keep up —

Garden Glory 032

I may have waxed lyrical after my first sight of the Zen Garden in Glasgow at the weekend but this little patch of ground is still my favourite —

Garden Glory 034

and even the wild flowers alongside the wall are putting on a show —

Garden Glory 017


Magic 🙂



Sunflower Stakes

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