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Classic Cars at Kirkcudbright

Classic cars at Kirkcudbright. I was on my way to church for the early short version service when a neighbour told me the classic cars are meeting in Harbour Square this morning and I could smell the petrol fumes on the breeze as I slipped past the church so I went for a look —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 076

Sure enough there they were —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 001

all shapes —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 011

and sizes —

Moto-guzzi three wheeler

This fella was built from a war-time Buick —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 104

They kept the V8 – threw away the bodywork and built alloy panels on a wood chassis to compete in off-road trials. Full of Yankee muscle but I did notice that she was the only one that called for AA assistance —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 106

At the other end of the scale there was this spotless posing tool brought all the way from sunny California —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 091

She has never seen a Scottish winter in the raw and spends her colder months in a vac pac. Nice shiny motor in there though —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 100

Even if it does hurt the eyes —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 097

There were more old motors than I could shake my stick at —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 068

Some were  models that I owned first time round —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 056

and there was one – or possibly two —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 058

that I would like to own now —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 085

Yes I know – it’s not a car but at nineteen years of age I broke my neck coming off one these old A10s when a non-signalling – u-turning Fiat 500 knocked me for six. Maybe now – fifty years on – I may have learned to ride safe.

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 088

Or perhaps it might be safer to join the kids on the bouncy castle or whatever that thing is —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 074

Nah – I’ll just sit here in the shade with my flask and sannies watching people at play —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 072

and let the old cars bring back the memories —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 051

of a well-spent youth 🙂

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 114

Sadly there has always been a price to pay for air pollution —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 079

but with our lady provost being a big supporter of the classic car movement —-

provost at classic car parade

and free town centre parking available to all and sundry with neither a traffic light nor mini-roundabout to slow them down it looks as if the motor car – both old and new will rule the roost in Kirkcudbright for some time to come —

Rules the Roost

With over a hundred classic cars pouring into the town centre this morning it was time to put the helmets on —

Kirkcudbright Classic Car Meet Aug 2013 078

and go for a ride  🙂

Classic Cars at Kirkcudbright

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Butterflies Bees and Buggs

Butterflies Bees and Buggs — I set out to create a bee and butterfly friendly habitat but didn’t reckon on it attracting bugs.

Everywhere I look in the garden there are bees —

Robbee 018

In twos and threes —

Robbee 025

or just singles —

Robbee 016

they are a-buzzing —

Robbee 006

From the lofty sunflowers —

Robbee 007

to the lowly miniature dahlias they are a welcome sight —

Robbee 029

Even the solitary butterfly on the buddleia enjoyed it’s time in the sun —

Robbee 033

till it was head-butted by a high-speed wasp and took off for pastures new.

Yes – it’s tough life for a butterfly out there. If it’s not killer wasps it’s other kinds of bugs they have to look out for —

Robbee 047

Including yours truly dressed up for Saturday’s Town Parade —

Robbee 042

You should know me by now – I just had to get another day out of my Captain Sunflower suit before I chucked it in the wash 🙂

Butterflies Bees and Buggs

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Race Day

The Sunflower Stakes? Well if you grow a bunch of Sunflowers over the ten foot mark you have to do something with ’em.

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 002

I came up with the idea of running the Sunflower Stakes and arranged a Race Day. As it was a Thursday it just had to be Ladies Day and many turned up wearing their best hats  —

Sunflower Stakes Day 074

Knowing how mean old ladies can get if their merangues aren’t baked to perfection —

Sunflower Stakes Day 004

I took the precaution of wearing a bulletproof vest under my shirt while the sunflowers were name tagged from the hat and measured —

Sunflower Stakes Day 063

I daren’t stand still for long in that suit or I would have been tagged and bagged too so I kept my runner busy as she worked hard to keep up —

Sunflower Stakes Day 059

Go Margaret GO —

Sunflower Stakes Day 057

One of the benefits of wearing cammo gear is that you can always hide —

Sunflower Stakes Day 053

when your singing or speechifying doesn’t go down too well —

Sunflower Stakes Day 025

No worries – the Sunflower Mistress of Ceremonies had everything under control —

Sunflower Stakes Day 023

and with the food all gone —

Sunflower Stakes Day 065

the eighteen sunflowers tagged and measured —

Sunflower Stakes Day 087

it was time to wake a few people up – ‘c’mon gran the show is over time to get you home’ —

Sunflower Stakes Day 021

‘Oh no it isn’t – I want to know who won the Best Hat competition!’

Sunflower Stakes Day 090

It was Hazel of course – how could I possibly forget.

Sunflower Stakes Day 032

We can’t all be winners — time to beat a hasty retreat 🙂

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 006

For the record the race winner was Legal Loser who came with a late run at 3mts or 9ft 10ins in old money and pipped Medical Mystery at the post by one inch. I’m pretty sure there is more growth left in Legal Loser and she might top out near 11ft if the sun ever returns —

Buggsy 009

The Sunflower Stakes

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A 6B Sunflower – Mega!

A 6B Sunflower —


Yes I know – it’s not exactly a swarm but it’s good to see the bees appreciating my sunflowers —


Even the almost spent ones get a visit – more in hope than expectation —


Before heading on to the next one that still has something to give —


Growing next to the street I thought they might put a smile on passing children’s faces —


But the surprising thing is that it’s the adults faces that lighten up when they see the flowers —




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Turning the Clock Back

Turning the clock back – or that’s what it felt like this evening when I unwrapped the gixxer and went for a spin. In my teenage years I would jump on my ex-race track refugee BSA 650 and head to Auchterarder or St Andrews for chips. Finding myself at a loose end tonight after a quiet day it was the turn of the gixxer to go looking for chips. Problem is our local chippie down by the harbour has the best in the biznez.

So – it was a spin round the local roads on the little beauty before coming back and parking up by the trestle- bound Arosa and heading round the corner to the ‘Best Plaice’ or whatever it’s called for a wee haddock and chips to go.

turning back the clock 019

The fish and chips turned out to be as good as I had expected and the seagulls down by the boats went hungry tonight – although they did have something to say about it.

Sorry about the picture quality – sometimes when I use the 10 secs delay on automatic the quality can be poor —

turning back the clock 013

Nothing to do with the subject – I just wedged the camera on the good ship Arosa – set the timer – and posed like a haddie 🙂

They are all like that lol —

turning back the clock 007

except for the one where I was trying to get a fishbone out from between my teeth with my tongue 🙂

turning back the clock 004

Turning the Clock Back

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Sunflowers like Dinnerplates

Sunflowers are like dinnerplates – well the ones towering out front are —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 015

every day seems to bring another one out —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 012

and the bees just love ’em —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 005

they can’t get enough —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 013

Higher —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 001

and higher —

Sunflowers like Dinnerplates 009

Lovely 🙂

Sunflowers are like dinnerplates

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Sunflowers and Surgeons

Sunflowers and Surgeons – that’s what my life seems to revolve around just now.

Sunflowers and A&C 017

But when you have the best in the business in both departments —

Sunflowers and A&C 014

there isn’t much to complain about.

Sunflowers and A&C 010

All eighteen sunflowers are standing proud —

Sunflowers and A&C 006

and my walk to the local surgery this morning —

Sunflowers and A&C 008

wasn’t too shabby either.

Sunflowers and A&C 002

I have further to go tomorrow for more scans and things at Glasgow Royal —

Sunflowers and A&C 019

but it’s all in a day’s work now and should give me another chance —


to sip a late latte in the Garden of Zen by Glasgow Cathedral —

Me with sunflowers 002

It will make a change from posing like a 6ft plus garden gnome beside my sunflowers while a passing cyclist press-ganged into taking a photo with my camera makes a better job of it than I can 🙂

Sunflowers and Surgeons

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