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Sunflowers and Surgeons

Sunflowers and Surgeons – that’s what my life seems to revolve around just now.

Sunflowers and A&C 017

But when you have the best in the business in both departments —

Sunflowers and A&C 014

there isn’t much to complain about.

Sunflowers and A&C 010

All eighteen sunflowers are standing proud —

Sunflowers and A&C 006

and my walk to the local surgery this morning —

Sunflowers and A&C 008

wasn’t too shabby either.

Sunflowers and A&C 002

I have further to go tomorrow for more scans and things at Glasgow Royal —

Sunflowers and A&C 019

but it’s all in a day’s work now and should give me another chance —


to sip a late latte in the Garden of Zen by Glasgow Cathedral —

Me with sunflowers 002

It will make a change from posing like a 6ft plus garden gnome beside my sunflowers while a passing cyclist press-ganged into taking a photo with my camera makes a better job of it than I can 🙂

Sunflowers and Surgeons

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