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Turning the Clock Back

Turning the clock back – or that’s what it felt like this evening when I unwrapped the gixxer and went for a spin. In my teenage years I would jump on my ex-race track refugee BSA 650 and head to Auchterarder or St Andrews for chips. Finding myself at a loose end tonight after a quiet day it was the turn of the gixxer to go looking for chips. Problem is our local chippie down by the harbour has the best in the biznez.

So – it was a spin round the local roads on the little beauty before coming back and parking up by the trestle- bound Arosa and heading round the corner to the ‘Best Plaice’ or whatever it’s called for a wee haddock and chips to go.

turning back the clock 019

The fish and chips turned out to be as good as I had expected and the seagulls down by the boats went hungry tonight – although they did have something to say about it.

Sorry about the picture quality – sometimes when I use the 10 secs delay on automatic the quality can be poor —

turning back the clock 013

Nothing to do with the subject – I just wedged the camera on the good ship Arosa – set the timer – and posed like a haddie 🙂

They are all like that lol —

turning back the clock 007

except for the one where I was trying to get a fishbone out from between my teeth with my tongue 🙂

turning back the clock 004

Turning the Clock Back

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