Race Day

18 Aug

The Sunflower Stakes? Well if you grow a bunch of Sunflowers over the ten foot mark you have to do something with ’em.

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 002

I came up with the idea of running the Sunflower Stakes and arranged a Race Day. As it was a Thursday it just had to be Ladies Day and many turned up wearing their best hats  —

Sunflower Stakes Day 074

Knowing how mean old ladies can get if their merangues aren’t baked to perfection —

Sunflower Stakes Day 004

I took the precaution of wearing a bulletproof vest under my shirt while the sunflowers were name tagged from the hat and measured —

Sunflower Stakes Day 063

I daren’t stand still for long in that suit or I would have been tagged and bagged too so I kept my runner busy as she worked hard to keep up —

Sunflower Stakes Day 059

Go Margaret GO —

Sunflower Stakes Day 057

One of the benefits of wearing cammo gear is that you can always hide —

Sunflower Stakes Day 053

when your singing or speechifying doesn’t go down too well —

Sunflower Stakes Day 025

No worries – the Sunflower Mistress of Ceremonies had everything under control —

Sunflower Stakes Day 023

and with the food all gone —

Sunflower Stakes Day 065

the eighteen sunflowers tagged and measured —

Sunflower Stakes Day 087

it was time to wake a few people up – ‘c’mon gran the show is over time to get you home’ —

Sunflower Stakes Day 021

‘Oh no it isn’t – I want to know who won the Best Hat competition!’

Sunflower Stakes Day 090

It was Hazel of course – how could I possibly forget.

Sunflower Stakes Day 032

We can’t all be winners — time to beat a hasty retreat 🙂

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 006

For the record the race winner was Legal Loser who came with a late run at 3mts or 9ft 10ins in old money and pipped Medical Mystery at the post by one inch. I’m pretty sure there is more growth left in Legal Loser and she might top out near 11ft if the sun ever returns —

Buggsy 009

The Sunflower Stakes

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