Butterflies Bees and Buggs

23 Aug

Butterflies Bees and Buggs — I set out to create a bee and butterfly friendly habitat but didn’t reckon on it attracting bugs.

Everywhere I look in the garden there are bees —

Robbee 018

In twos and threes —

Robbee 025

or just singles —

Robbee 016

they are a-buzzing —

Robbee 006

From the lofty sunflowers —

Robbee 007

to the lowly miniature dahlias they are a welcome sight —

Robbee 029

Even the solitary butterfly on the buddleia enjoyed it’s time in the sun —

Robbee 033

till it was head-butted by a high-speed wasp and took off for pastures new.

Yes – it’s tough life for a butterfly out there. If it’s not killer wasps it’s other kinds of bugs they have to look out for —

Robbee 047

Including yours truly dressed up for Saturday’s Town Parade —

Robbee 042

You should know me by now – I just had to get another day out of my Captain Sunflower suit before I chucked it in the wash 🙂

Butterflies Bees and Buggs

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