The Shearer Trophy

23 Sep

front page Sunflowers win Shearer Trophy – an award presented by the town Community Council for ‘Something Different’ in the garden.

I had no ‘great plan’ for the garden when I started to remove the weeds back in April because I’ve been undergoing a painful procedure up at Glasgow Royal that still has the major op to go but I’m pleased with the results.

A ‘gardener’ I’m not in the recognised sense of the word but my plants responded well to my ham-fisted approach —

Kirkcudbright from the Far Side 005

The visiting bees didn’t seem to mind —

016 (2)

as they foraged for nectar in groups —

Cpn Sunflower 003

or solo —


But – all good things must come to an end sometime —

002 (2)

and with summer drawing to a close —


I have taken down the wilting sunflowers and their support structure —


storing the heads to dry out under cover —


so that I can harvest the seed and feed it to the birds over the coming winter.

after the sunflowers 002

The sunflowers may be gone but there is still a busy garden out front just waiting for another day in the sun 🙂

Sunflowers win Shearer Trophy

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