Where the River Bends

05 Oct

Where the River Bends – I have a feeling I used this title before but it comes to mind every time I look at the stretch of river between Gatehouse on Fleet and the sea.

There is a straight stretch from the bay – artificial even – which was navigable in the old days —

Watery Pics 030

Until the local estates built a bridge over this section —

Watery Pics 036

just upriver from the ruined Cardoness Castle —

Watery Pics 032

Round the first slow bend is a crumbling quay wall where presumably coastal vessels would moor alongside and wait to be unloaded in days of yore —

Watery Pics 026

There wasn’t much shipping today apart from this aluminium boat —

Watery Pics 004

which fourteen years old Hamish of 57 varieties was keeping an eye on —

Watery Pics 013

So I played ‘I spied with my little eye’ through the trees —

Watery Pics 006

until I spotted a regal swan —

Watery Pics 007

sailing serenely where the river bends sharply to the right —

Watery Pics 012

and that’s where you will find Gatehouse of Fleet Saturday Market where I went shopping this morning and didn’t come home empty handed —

Watery Pics 064

Blue broccoli and sandy carrots from Girvan plus award winning brown eggs from Trochie Farm by New Galloway. Magic! 🙂

Where the River Bends


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